Punk and politics: Wolf Alice and Sink The Pink to join Tories Out March.

To date it seems that the more catastrophic government becomes, the more the brilliance of rebel alternative music shines through.

No matter what you’re angry about, from the new leaders of the world to the healthcare system – there is a record to empathize with.


Inspired by the recent drastic turns in our government include Arcade Fire and Vant – A London based band whose new album, titled Dumb Blood tackles topics such as US gun laws, the war in Syria and religion. Singer Mattie Vant has said: “For me, rock music has always gone hand in hand with making a stand, being on the forefront of a movement and trying to change the world.”

Asides from tackling the government through music, members of the music scene are standing against the anti-abortion, homophobic DUP… literally.


Outside the BBC broadcasting house in London on 1st July, a protest march against a conservative DUP government will take place lead by rock band Wolf Alice and drag group Sink The Pink.

This march will continue towards Parliament square where the crowds will be addressed by Green party representatives.

The event page for the march has attracted the interest of 28,000+ people to date and is similar to the protest against Theresa May which took place in London on June 9th.


Will you take a stand?


Written by: Tanya McDonnell.

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