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Truck Festival 2017: Interview With Palace

Upon watching Palace’s field-filling set at Truck festival and experiencing the emotional contrasts within and between each song from their album ‘So Long Forever’ – it became impossible not to be curious about what sparked the art-rock band’s influences to create such a rounded, blues encapsulating sound.


We interviewed the London-based band about what they have in store for them in the upcoming months and thoughts on their music:


What genre do you consider your music to be?

It’s a bit of a mish-mash really.. Atmospheric, bluesy, rock. however you interpret it really.


What are your musical influences?

The ones we were really into from the beginning are Jeff Buckley, Kings Of Leon, John Martin.


Any Tours coming up?

We’re supporting Public Service Broadcasting in October so that’ll be cool.


Any festivals that you’re particularly excited to play this year?

We’re excited to play Pukkelpop in Belgium and Lowlands festival in the Netherlands.


Where was your favourite place to play in your careers?

Festivals we always remember but there’s a particular one called Musilac festival in the south of France. It’s on the lake near Geneva and it’s a massive stage with 25,000 people there and a beautiful view of mountains and lakes. They also treated us really well there.


What are the downsides to touring?

Everyone has habits that can generally annoy you like snoring.. But generally touring is great, it is exhausting though so you need to have good stamina. We are getting better with it, though.


Have you ever forgotten the lyrics?

Yeah, loads of times. There are times when you zone out a little bit without realizing, but you’re still playing and then suddenly think, ‘where am I in the song?’. It’s when you’re tired, everyone does it. When I sing the wrong lyric and I see the crowd singing the right lyrics I try to read what they’re singing.


So how did you guys form the band?

We were all friends since we were 13 and we were all doing different things, so we just started the band and started rehearsing once a week as fun and hung out and then it kind of got picked up really quickly it was a really weird thing almost accidental – and now here we are, it’s really weird.


Where are you from, is there a large alternative music scene there?

Three of us are from Sussex, there is a large alternative scene near Brighton particularly though.


Have you checked out anyone else at Truck today?

Over the fence we just saw Maximo park, they were playing a song I knew since I was 16, I was like ‘I love that song’.


Palace’s album ‘So Long Forever’ is out now.


Interview by: Tanya McDonnell

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