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Truck Festival 2017 – Interview: Dream Wife

Last weekends Truck festival came bearing many musical gifts and one of the many was affording the luxury of speaking the Alt /indie girl squad Dream wife which was an exhilarating and enlightening experience . The girls touched on some of their main female musical influences citing Madonna as one of their favourite ones as well as David Bowie and mentioning their love of those who “challenge gender norms” . We spoke to DreamWife after they performed some songs off of their new album and asked them a few questions we were eager to know about their take on being female in an arguably male dominated industry .


What are your biggest musical influences?

Music from the 70’s especially punk and Obviously David Bowie as well as Madonna and 90’s alternative rock . If pushing gender norms is what they did we think it’s relevant to what we are doing now .


Why do you think it’s hard to be female in the industry you’re in?

It is often assumed that you are not the songwriter , as it can be quite a sexist business and you can often find yourself automatically not taken seriously.


Is the fact that your a woman I.e your gender important to you ?

As a woman in the music industry you are made hyper aware of the fact that you are a woman , we just so happen to be women . Your voice is not heard enough .

In my opinion DreamWife have made it very clear that they are a force to be reckoned with and we are definitely glad to see some girls in the music industry fighting the good fight for women .


Interview By: Tatiana Togba

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