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Truck Festival 2017 – Interview: Honeyblood

We caught up with one of our personal favourite girl bands Honey blood at Truck last weekend after their invigorating set which featured some very easy listening I.e sick new sounds from their last album “Babes Never Die” to have wonderful chats about life as a woman in the music industry and their favourite bands.


What are your biggest female influences?

Cat: PJ Harvey and the breeders.

Do you think it’s difficult being female in a male dominated industry?

Cat: Personally I don’t, if you know as much as they do then personally I have not experienced any problems once your at a certain level everyone is just professional , maybe 15 years ago it was more of an issue.

Did you ever think about how women are perceived in the music industry or did you worry about you would be perceived?

Cat: I have always been a tomboy so I’ve never really thought about that at all , all of my friends were always boys kind of like the way a dog thinks it’s human I was just a drummer like everyone else, it never even crossed my mind that I was in any way different to any of the other drummers.

Super generic but what would be your favourite band of all time?

Cat: I’m kind of into the Foo fighters , since I was 10 and the Foo fighters came out! So I’ve grown up with them ! And I loved nirvana before them and queens of Stone Age is sort of what I’m into but we both like stuff like PJ Harvey and stuff like that. I used to really like Sid and Nancy as well.


I am still fangirl-ing a little bit over the experience and lamenting the fond memory of getting to speak to such an individualistic female duo with shaky hands.. never the less we will need to keep an eye out for them on the festival circuit as much as we enjoyed their set at Truck festival we are eager to see them tear up another stage!

Interview by: Tatiana Togba

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